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Marketing Twister


Discover the little-known techniques that top marketing gurus use to turn any site they touch into a cash-generating twister...!
In just 10 minutes, you'll be on your way to learn the secrets of Bob Serling, Joe Vitale, Declan Dunn, Audri Lanford, Marlon Sanders and Jonathan Mizel... and you'll learn exactly how to apply them to make your website profits explode!
Dear friend:

Have you ever wondered why some websites seem to have all the traffic and sales... while the other 99% of them earn little or no money at all?
I'm sure you'd like to find out exactly what strategies successful sites use to build their fortunes. After all, they must be doing something different to stand out from the rest... right?

The problem is that leading marketing experts only reveal this kind of information at seminars and conferences costing up to $5000 per seat to attend. That's fine and dandy, their information is worth that price; but the typical small business owner simply can not afford fees like these.

Well not anymore! Six of the top internet marketing minds (with the help of a new technology concept called audio-e-books) have come up with a way to share their most profitable secrets with you...

Yes! A team of six experts in the field have created a digital audio course that reveals their most guarded techniques and strategies on internet marketing, online selling, copywriting for the internet, e-commerce, etc... at a price you won't believe!

Techniques that boost your sales!

The information you'll find on these unique audio presentations is not what the average marketing course tells you to do. All the fluff has been left out and you'll be able to hear from their spoken word what really works.

"Marketing Twister: Digital audio course" has been divided in two main sections. On the first section of this audio-e-book, Bob Serling has three eye-opening phone interviews with Joe Vitale, Audri Lanford and Declan Dunn. You will learn their most private techniques like:

  • Which products are the best to sell online.
  • How to offer products & services that online people really want.
  • How to play the game of e-publishing and win every time!
  • How online copy differs from offline and what works online.
  • How to spot the benefits of your product and how to turn them into order-pulling bullets.
  • How to create irresistible offers that nobody can resist!
  • Everyone says that long copy works better than short copy.
    Does this hold true online? You'll be amazed to hear what these gurus have to say on this topic. (*hint*: It's not what you think).
  • Discover proven strategies to drive truckloads of traffic to your website and how to keep them coming back for more!
  • The secrets of direct response marketing
  • The secrets of permission marketing
  • Should you really invest time in search engine positioning?
  • A secret technique these experts use that could double your online sales in six months or less... guaranteed!
  • How to grab your visitor's attention in less than 10 seconds
  • The power of upsells, cross-sells and backend selling.
  • The truth about bulk-email.
  • And tons of tips, tricks, strategies & techniques!

Avoid profit-killing mistakes!

Having a profitable website is not only about making money. There are literally hundreds of costly mistakes that could break your business faster than the blink of an eye.

And this is precisely what the second section is about... Jonathan Mizel, Marlon Sanders and Declan Dunn will tell you all about profit-killing mistakes that you should avoid like the plague! Here's a few of the things you'll learn on the second section:

  • Which are the factors that have an immediate negative impact on sales and how to avoid having them on your site.
  • What is the hardest sale to make and how to overcome the barriers that make people hesitant about buying from you.
  • What you need to do if you have product failures.
  • Why a 50% product margin program can loose you money.
  • The only way not to loose money with a 50% product margin.
  • The only way to ever reduce your price.
  • What you must borrow from your competitor to be successful.
  • Things you should never say in your sales headline.
  • A secret marketing technique will make you 21 times more money even if you sell the same product as your competitors.
  • What you must do with every lead and sale without fail.
  • How to find the markets you must *never* target.
  • Why networking online is the road to failure.
  • The most common thing you can do to kill your sales.
  • The one technique that means the difference between online mediocrity and a raving success on your website.

Proven strategies that work like magic!

You'll learn techniques that these experts had reserved for their websites only... This means you'll have an edge over the remaining 99% of internet websites struggling to market their products; best of all, you'll have an edge over *your* competitors!

I do have to warn you about something: The techniques and strategies described in Marketing Twister are totally unconventional... and this is exactly what gives them the edge to outrageous sales and profits.

If you are not willing to try new techniques or if you'd rather stay the way you are now and promote your site using only conventional methods everyone else is using, then this audio course is not for you...

On the other hand, if you are willing to try new things and take a few risks Marketing Twister will make your site bring in more sales and profits than you ever imagined possible!

Your success is guaranteed in advance!

I'm so confident that this amazing audio course will give you the edge you need to leave your competitors in the dust, that I'm willing to back it up with a 90 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee...

Yes! That's how sure I am that you'll simply *love* this audio course. If you listen to these experts talk and after trying three of their techniques you don't feel that Marketing Twister has helped you bring in more leads and customers, you can contact me for a prompt and courteous refund. Period.

Turn your site into a cash-generating twister!

Marketing Twister is planned to be sold for $56.99... but as a very special introductory offer, I'm willing to let the first 200 copies of Marketing Twister go for only $29!

Yes!, Only 200 copies will be available at this super-reduced price... and when they are gone, they are gone forever; and the price will go up again. You won't find Marketing Twister anywhere else, so act now before your competitors do... Get it now; they'll never know what hit them!

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"Marketing Twister" right now!

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Yours in success.
Miguel Alvarez
Copywriter & Marketer


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